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Bedding and Pointing Mortar

Mortar & Plaster

We produce a wide range of ready mixed lime bedding and pointing mortars, hair and fibre reinforced basecoat plasters, finish plasters and external renders, all made using our mature chalk lime putty. Many mortars are designed to match an existing mortar or produced to client or architect requirements, and we can fine-tune for regional, geological and historical variations. Special mortars including roughcasts, cob, brick and stone repair mortars, and roman cement repair mortars are also produced.

Non-hydraulic lime putty mortars and plasters are soft, porous and permeable. These were the mortars used to build and plaster traditional buildings and are therefore normally the appropriate materials for the repair of these older buildings. Where durability of mortar is a concern, because of the exposure of the site for example, a pozzolanic material can be added immediately before use. Pozzolanic lime mortars cannot be supplied ready-mixed.

Oak and chestnut riven laths, sawn oak laths and stainless steel lath nails are stocked.


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