Lime Fine Crack Filler


Rose of Jericho fine crack filler is a blend of fine marble flour and mature superfine Buxton lime putty used for fine crack repairs to internal lime plaster.

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Environmental Considerations

Lime Putty plaster is an environmentally sustainable product.


Rose of Jericho fine crack filler is intended for the repair of hairline and fine cracks in internal lime plaster only. Wider cracks may be filled but shrinkage is more likely and careful monitoring, tending and aftercare is required during the curing process to avoid shrinkage cracking.

Shelf Life

Unlimited. Matures with age. Lime putty crack filler stiffens during storage but can be plasticised without the addition of water by thorough re-mixing.


The use of lime putty crack filler for plaster repair is a skilled operation normally undertaken by an experienced conservator. It is intended for the filling and repair of fine cracks. Wider crack repairs may be undertaken but there is an increased risk of shrinkage cracking and great care must be taken. Non-hydraulic lime materials do not perform as modern fillers and set only by reaction with atmospheric carbon dioxide in the presence of moisture. This ‘carbonation’ is a slow process and control of the drying and curing process by ‘tending’ and protecting is crucial to success and long-term performance.


250ml, litre & 2.5 litre tins. Mixed to order.