Please note that all paints are handmade to order and the current lead time is 3 - 4 days.
Artist quality pigment, a traditional building material from Rose of Jericho


We are traditional paint-makers and use artist quality dry powder pigments in all our paints. These pigments do not dissolve in water or oil and remain dispersed or suspended. Colorants that dissolve are classified as stainers or dyes, and these are the colorants used by almost all modern paint manufacturers. The majority of pigments we use and supply are natural earth and mineral pigments, selected from the best sources worldwide, and include the ochres, umbers and siennas found in traditional palettes. Others are early manufactured examples; the ultramarine blues were first produced in 1828 in France, but chemically identical to the original, but very expensive, native lapis lazuli from northern Afghanistan.

All pigments are pure, lightfast and permanent. Certain pigments, for example Prussian Blue and the Ultramarines are not alkali-fast and cannot therefore be used in limewash or applied to alkaline surfaces such as new lime plaster.

Other ingredients used in our paints can be purchased separately, including lactic acid casein, cold-pressed raw linseed oil, fine chalk filler, tallow, and gelatin.


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