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Traditional Building Repair

We are knowledgeable about the range of issues surrounding the appropriate treatment of older buildings and can advise on, and provide, materials tailored to the needs of individual projects. 

Limewashes, distempers, emulsions, flat oil and eggshell paints are handmade in Dorset using only artists quality powder pigments. Our paints, available in a wide range of traditional and classic colours, have a warmth and beauty rarely matched in modern coatings. Limewash and distemper paints are environmentally friendly products made using natural sustainable materials.

We slake various sources of quicklime to produce three different grades of lime putty, all of which are matured in containers that allow drainage and evaporation for a minimum of six months. We produce ready-mixed lime putty mortars suitable for all traditional building types and applications, together with reinforced basecoat and finish plasters, roughcasts, roman cement and cob, brick, and stone repair mortars. St Astier natural hydraulic limes, prompt natural cement, quicklime, and various pozzolanic additives are stocked, along with a range of sands, graded stonedusts and other additives including pea chalk and charcoal enabling the accurate matching of all traditional mortar types.

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Paint Colours

Our paints are available in a wide range of traditional colours created using only artist quality earth and mineral powder pigments which provide a purity of colour rarely achieved in modern paints.

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Mortar & Plaster

We produce a wide range of ready-mixed lime bedding and pointing mortars, hair and fibre-reinforced basecoat plasters, finish plasters and external renders, all made using our mature chalk lime putty.

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Quicklime from Lincolnshire chalk is slaked to produce both superfine and mortar-grade cream coloured chalk lime putty. Pure white superfine putty is slaked from calcined carboniferous limestone. Three grades of St Astier Natural Hydraulic Lime, Prompt Natural Cement, and fine grade quicklime for ‘hot mixes’ are stocked.

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Paint Types

Limewashes and distempers, made to traditional recipes, along with emulsions, flat oil and eggshell paints in a range of traditional, classic and historic colours are all handmade in Dorset.

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Three types of limewash are manufactured for both internal and external use. They are permeable washes characterised by a lack of uniformity with subtle variations of colour and tone.

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Sheltercoats are thicker than limewash; the colour is achieved by the addition of very fine stone dust instead of pigment. They are normally individually colour matched to the stone to be treated.

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Sand & Aggregates

A wide range of sands and additives from various parts of the UK are stocked, enabling regional, geological and historical mortar variations to be supplied.

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Pozzolans are materials that are not in themselves cementitious, but contain constituents that in the presence of water will combine with lime at ordinary temperatures to form stable insoluble hydraulic compounds. Pozzolans have been subjected to heat either naturally (volcanic earth) or artificially (crushed fired clay brick and tile).

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Stone Dusts

Various stone dusts - Bath, Portland, Ham, Hornton Brown, Shaftesbury Green and Chalk - are crushed and sieved and supplied in various grades.

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Tools & Paint Sundries

Various raw materials used in traditional paint manufacture such as casein, linseed oil, turpentine and tallow are available.

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Paint Brushes

We stock a range of quality handmade brushes with both natural and synthetic bristles for use with our paints, limewashes and sheltercoats.

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As traditional paint-makers, we use artist quality dry powder pigments in all our paints. These pigments do not dissolve in water or oil and remain dispersed or suspended.

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