Please note that all paints are handmade to order and the current lead time is 3 - 4 days.
Sutton Courtenay Limestone Sand, a traditional building material from Rose of Jericho

Sand & Aggregates

A wide range of sands from various parts of the UK are stocked enabling regional, geological and historical mortar variations to be supplied. These include limestone sands from Gloucester and Oxford, red sands from Devon, and quartz sands from Kent, Surrey, Somerset and Dorset. These are often sieved and/or blended for specific mortar matching. Fine silica sands are also stocked.

Various additives are supplied, normally to enable accurate matching of traditional or historic mortars. These include pea-chalk, sieved charcoal and coal ash, and horse and goat hair.

We also hold a library of aggregates from sources across the UK, many no longer available commercially.


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