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Two pots of 28kg non-hydraulic mortar grade chalk lime putty, a traditional building material from Rose of Jericho


We slake quicklime produced from Lincolnshire chalk to produce both superfine and mortar-grade cream coloured chalk lime putty, and pure white superfine putty is slaked from calcined carboniferous limestone.

Proper maturation of lime putty for a prolonged period is crucial to workability and long-term performance, and all our lime putty is stored in an environment that allows evaporation and drainage and not placed into tubs or used in mortars, plasters and renders until matured for at least six months.
We stock the three grades of St Astier Natural Hydraulic Lime, Prompt Natural Cement, and fine grade quicklime for ‘hot mixes’.

There is renewed interest in the ‘hot-mix’ method and we have recently supplied quicklime for hot-mix mortar assessment at both Durham Cathedral and Dover Castle.


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