Fungicidal Wash


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Colourless Liquid Concentrate to be diluted for treating surfaces infected with organic growth contamination such as mold or algae.

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Colourless liquid concentrate to be diluted for treating surfaces infected with organic growth contamination.  Used to remove mold and algae on external surfaces.

Environmental Considerations

Marine pollutant. Dangerous to fish and other aquatic life. Avoid all contact with plant life. Prevent any surface run-off from entering drains and water courses. Ensure there is a physical barrier to prevent contact by unprotected persons and animal until surfaces are dry.


Only for the treatment of exterior surfaces infected with organic growth contamination as part of the preparation for application for surface coatings.


Spreading rate up to 20m2 per ltitre when diluted depending on surface porosity. On textured surfaces spreading rate will be reduced.

Shelf Life



Translucent liquid.


Touch dry in 2 hours in normal drying conditions. Do not apply if there is a risk of rain or frost. Do not use as a paint additive, mix with other chemicals or spray-apply. Fungicidal wash is a surface treatment and does not provide preservation properties to any substrate.


All surfaces must be sound, suitably dry and free from anything that will interfere with the adhesion of the materials to be applied. Remove all organic growth by brushing with a stiff bristle brush (not wire). Heavy long-established growth is best removed by careful pressure washing so as to not to damage the underlying surface. The spores must then be killed with an application of Fungicidal Wash.


Normally diluted 1 part Fungicidal Wash with up to 4 parts water. Leave for 24hrs and then thoroughly wash off with clean water. Allow to dry and repeat application if growth is heavy. Ensure affected areas are well saturated during application. Apply liberally using a synthetic brush and scrub into surface. Wash equipment with clean water immediately after use.


1 litre and 5 litre containers. Ex Stock