Casein Powder


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Lactic acid casein is supplied in powdered form as an ingredient for paint making.  Technical advice must be sought as this is a specialist product.

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Additional information

Lactic acid casein is supplied in powdered form as a natural binder and ingredient for paint making. Lactic acid casein is a protein precipitated from milk.

Casein powder is sold by the litre.

Environmental Considerations

Environmentally friendly product made with natural sustainable ingredients. It contains no VOCs, no petrochemical based ingredients, and no lead. The product is not classified as hazardous to health or the environment according to the CLP/GHS Directive.


To be used as a natural binder for paint making.

Shelf Life



Off white/cream powder.


Composition: Lactic acid casein. Contains less than 0.85% lactose.


As powder in 25kg bags and 1 litre tins.