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Posted 21st February 2020

The St Blaise Years

St Blaise assembled a team of craftsmen at the forefront of the lime revival at a time when interest in traditional materials and methods were undergoing a renaissance.  Peter Ellis, a Project Manager at St Blaise with a background in the conservation of paintings became responsible for Rose of Jericho at St Blaise in 1992.

A period of study and investigation followed.  Various sources of lime were slaked and putty matured in pits; sands, aggregates and pozzolanic materials were assessed.  Analytical tests and procedures developed and historic mortars analysed, traditional paint recipes researched, sources of historic pigments identified and paint formulations agreed.

During this period St Blaise undertook conservation and sensitive repair work to many of Britain’s most important buildings, including repairs after the catastrophic fires at Uppark, Prior Park and Windsor Castle.


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